We are currently recruiting all DPS and Heal classes/specs for Warlords of Draenor! 

You are also welcome to join us for current content, although keep in mind we are heading for a 20 man roster. If you'd like to return just for Warlords, we will help gear you up and get you up to speed!


Adalwolf a posted Mar 14, 14
Honorbound is now on haitus from raiding until WoD. We may poke around Orgrimmar with 20 mans in 6.0, but for now, enjoy the break! Overall, great job in MoP.
A dead douchebag.

I forgot to record. Sorry. ;)
Freaking thing!

Here's the video. Warning: Doom says he hates us.

I miss you Warrcc
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Can anyone make me a Vial of Sands. I have all the mats on me.
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