Get Ready for Raids!

Adalwolf a posted Wed at 15:11
Our first raid day will be December 3rd, Wednesday, at 7:30pm server time!
Please check the raid forums for more info. :)

In addition, a non EPGP normal raid on Dec 2nd with personal loot will be at 7:30pm. 

Good job, guys! We'll be running Mythic Garrosh every Wednesday until WoD release. 
Also note how Calgrok is again hogging the front in center of the screenshot. Dick.

WoD Mega Guild Meeting

Adalwolf a posted Oct 2, 14

With Blizzard announcing the (probable) release date of 6.0 on October 14th, the guild meeting will be the day after (Wednesday 10/15) at raid time, 8:30 EST, so people can have a day to resub, update addons, etc. 

Whether you're a returning raider, want to join us casually, or anything in between, everyone is welcome. We'll be talking about overall guild plans and changes in WoD.

Hope to see you there!
xpack alive and I'm stuck at work :(
It's okay. Blizzard is just ruining my immersion.
We haven't begun working on the new Blood Elves yet, so I can't comment on the result, but personally I would expect it to be similar to the new Draenei.
sorry, Van
Time change for US tonight @ 2am
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